Shaving Cream and Cats

A couple weekends ago, I went to Hoxie to see a play that Grahm helped put on. While he was setting some stuff up, his mom showed me a fun technique with shaving cream and food coloring. We made several papers together, and I brought the ones I did home, along with plenty of ideas on how to use them. This weekend, I started with printing some cat photos on top of them to see what would happen.
IMG_5673 IMG_5672 IMG_5670 IMG_5668I’m definitely looking forward to doing this more often and experimenting with other ways to use the colorful paper. I’d also love to do this with some of the kids I babysit – I think they would love it!

Just Birds.

I’ve had a really busy summer so far! This seems like the first weekend I’ve had in ages without having to worry about traveling somewhere or studying for the GRE. Yesterday, I was able to take a breather and reenergize myself. Today, I made a bird alphabet:

Birds Poster small

When the summer comes to an end, I will be done interning at Wings of Hope. I’m going to start working full time at the preschool and getting off work at 3:00 most days of the week. Getting off three hours earlier and having no schoolwork for the next year should allow me to crank out more designs.

My hope is to create individual letters for each doodle I’ve made, so people don’t have to buy the full alphabet poster. They can simply purchase the letters they want. This would be ideal if they wanted to spell someone’s name out. Plus, they wouldn’t have to stick to a specific theme. I have a uniform template ready to go for when I have the time.

I’m hoping to get my¬†Redbubble portfolio better organized sometime in the near future, too, but I think that will come after the individual letters!

Halloween Alphabet

As I was uploading this alphabet, I learned that I’m not as far behind on my goal (one alphabet a month in 2016) as I thought I was! This is my fifth alphabet of the year, and it’s only June 5th! Woohoo! I have lots of different ideas for my next one, but I’m not sure which one to go with. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Major props to my coworker Kelsey and boyfriend Grahm for helping me come up with things for letters I was struggling with!

Halloween Poster small

Fruit Alphabet

As I was making this alphabet, I noticed just how… well… persnickety I can be when it comes to art. As silly as it sounds, it started bothering me that not all fruits are symmetrical! That banana and plum down there really wanted to mess with me. Don’t even get me started with those wolfberries. But, having to deal with those asymmetrical foods is probably a step in the right direction.

Since I want to go to grad school for art therapy, the plan is to work on my portfolio this summer and apply for schools in the fall. That portfolio needs to include all types of art. It’s hard to admit, but over the past couple years, I’ve developed some anxious feelings towards creating away from the computer. The computer can make things perfectly symmetrical, but my hands can’t. So, allowing that quince to be imperfect, I hope, is a start to getting back to the wonderful world of watercolors, ink, acrylics, and clay.

My personal experience with art is a huge contributor to my interest in art therapy. I want people to feel good about making art – especially if it’s not perfect!

Fruit Poster small

Cats, cats, cats!

I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been volunteering at a kitten rescue since September. When I went in to clean the playrooms, I also often brought my camera to help compile content for the rescue’s Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, the rescue sent out an email asking for people to volunteer to update their Facebook page. Since I was already taking pictures for the page, it only made sense to jump on the opportunity. So, starting in May, I’m going to stop cleaning at the rescue so I can devote more of my time to taking better photos and updating their Facebook page.

Anywho, here are some of my favorite shots from the past 8 months:
IMG_7618 IMG_7739 IMG_8122 IMG_8198 IMG_8238 IMG_8463 IMG_9112 IMG_9369 IMG_9463 IMG_9526 IMG_9531 IMG_9555

Occupations Alphabet

I am not a night owl. It is out of the ordinary for me to be up after 9:30, much less after midnight. Even so, I couldn’t stop fiddling around with this alphabet. Finally, I think I’m satisfied with it… with the official time of 12:06. Welp, time for bed!

Available to purchase on my Redbubble site.

Careers Poster-01

Oklahoma City, Paola, Louisburg

My latest slides!

Careers Sneak Peek

Somehow it’s already late March! I haven’t had either the time or the energy to work on illustrations after finishing the dinosaur alphabet… until today! I know, now that spring has sprung and winter blues is less of an issue, I will get caught up on my “366 illustrations in 2016” goal. As for now, I’ll give out a sneak peek of the illustrations for the alphabet I’ve been working on:
Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.16.50 PM